Where Do U Write?

When I’m in a writing mood, I have to have all of my supplies. I can’t just cross my leg and scribble with my head down, posing like an ostrich. In order to concentrate, I have to be comfortable. I’ve drawn from my purple pen and journal. I’ve typed a million notes in my iPhone and now that I’m blogging, I can really have some fun! These are ,y essentials to function as a writer:

  • At least five, 16 oz. bottled spring water/alkaline water
  • Fruit/healthy/favorite snack
  • Decide on indulging or not then decide on what bad foodie like ice cream or a milkshake. Preferably butter pecan, banana pudding, peach cobbler and strawberry/blueberry cheesecake
  • Maybe fruit juice
  • 3 different forms of electronic devices: tablet, iPhone and laptop
  • Music, preferably on a speaker
  • Candles
  • LED Light lamps
  • Christmas lights are optional
  • Blankets/throws/electric is my favorite
  • Back & buttocks pillows
  • Comfy attire-oversized shirts and pj’s/leggings especially the plush!
  • A sitting area that fits my mood. If I’m cold, warm, energetic or “chill”

The sitting area must have:

  • a form or a desk or table (I’ve used my counter top before)
    A chair
    Chargers for all devices
    Room for my food and drinks
    Everything is within arm reach without having to overreach

Commercial breaks matter

Every now and then I have to rest my eyes, reading glasses or not. I may have some yarn nearby so I can work on my scarves. Crochet allows me to pass the time when I’m in deep thoughtful, or have grown frustrated with a piece.

Where do you write?

Comment your demands on how you like to write. How do you like your space? Do you like clutter, noise, and/or people around? Let me know! -Adori


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