Neat Fact:

My bacon is not your bacon..

Bacon in the USA comes from pigs’ bellies. It’s coated and fried fat. In the UK, bacon is from the pigs’ backs. It’s kinda like Canadian bacon.

I thought that was interesting, so I shared it with you all!

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If it Talks Like a Duck, It’s a Duck—Not a Proverb.

I was enjoying my own devotion in bed snuggled with my fiancé as he’s sound asleep. I came across Proverb 26:8. I’m always putting verses into my literal context as I live Day-to-Day. Additionally I use a more metaphorical context. So that I can somehow draw a mutual similarity when in comparison. This method helps me trust myself as I meditate on His word. I want to make sure I don’t mislead myself.

This is why I shared it with you all!



What am I?

I am long in nature and can be yellow, pink, red, purple or green.

I don’t taste like it, but I resemble caviar.

There are hundreds of uses for me, but I am great with toast & even a margarita!

I am full of flavor and I burst in your mouth.

I’m Australian!

Did you guess me???

I’m …..


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Would you eat a finger lime?


Aspirations of Queens

I am a Queen, whether you believe it or not. Just like my brother is a King. We are people who have total control over emotionally, physically, and mentally interactions in society (for the most part). Who we date, befriend, marry, fight, steal from, betray, overly trust, disrespect, overcrowd, miss, lose, gain, destress, stress, anxiety— I could go on.


This is all happening internally; but we still have to control what we expose externally. As Queens, we cannot be victims: were not allowed to in society. Below is a list of things I’ve thought of as well as seen on Pinterest many times before. Now I want to jot them down as they develop in my train of 💭 thoughts . Bare with me please.

I love myself. I have everything I need, in God I trust to succeed. I must stay focused. It’s ok to be a powerful, strong woman. I am beautiful as I am. I accept who I am today. I am confident. I deserve the absolute best. I better myself everyday. I feel unstoppable. I am unstoppable! I am valuable. I feel valued in the work place and family life. No one is like me. -Queen

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Vocab for the Day

Hello everyone! I was scrolling through my Cell’s notifications and saw the word for the day pop up! I really like this word, because I know a lot of these type of people 😈. I hope you all like it!

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