Thanks to Cabbage Patchkids, I Love Black Cherry!

I remember as a child I enjoyed playing with my cabbage patch kid! She was an infant and I don’t recall her name, so I will call her Sofie. My mom used to tease that we favored with our chocolately complexion as well as tomato firm and rounded cheeks!

The doll came with play diapers and I believe Mom purchased additional clothing and food for the me. Those were the days I tell you…. anyway, I remember when I first opened the baby food. It was flavored “cherry”. The toy had a spoon that had the artificial fruit in it. Once I inserted the spoon into the container, I was convinced I was actually feeding the baby! I later figured out how the food pops back into the spoon’s compartment once it bumps the baby’s mouth. 

The main thing I took away from the lovely experience is the aroma of the cherry scent coming from the container. Even though Sofie could urinate her milk and juice I fed her, as a child I was in love with the scent!

As an adult, my favorite candle scent is black cherry. My grandma used to have a huge 3-wick candle scented black cherry. She kept it on a glass platter, otherwise it would spill onto whatever furniture piece she had it on. I used to get in lots of trouble because I would find something like a stick or toothpick to dig into her candle, just to release the scent throughout the house. I wasn’t allowed to use a lighter or light matches… what was a girl to do?! Haha 😆 

I’m m obsessed. I have it in my car, wax cubes, air freshener spray, car spray and I use Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works and Jergens Lotion Cherry Almond scent 🥰🤤😍. 

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