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Honey, let it go!

Dear Adori,

Why are you so upset? You know you’re not allowed to be a victim! You cannot be upset and truthfully let your true self out in the midst of angry emotions.

There are powerful ways to let stress out.

Allow yourself to scream!

😱 *blood curdling scream*

Before you catch an assault charge or give yourself a heart attack, SCREAM! I literally play music that’s aggressive or at least upbeat, so that I can release. Singing along, screaming along—pleasantly or not—I do whatever what works. Tears and all, I conclusively feel accomplished and turns out, it was tons of fun! #ScreamTherapy

Be assertive and take no shxt.

Face it, this world is not bubbles, giggles and unicorn glitter. Do not overdo it, but it’s ok to be confrontational, respectfully. Looking over people only gets me so far personally. Honestly depending on my mood depends on how I intend to spare these people that enjoy going overboard with “disrespect to the individual”. Understand that there should be limits between what “we” discuss and don’t, privately and publicly. Coworkers are the worst, because it feels as if you have to deal with bs since you’re actually getting paid. If it is unethical or irrelevant to what’s at hand, it should be squashed.

Understand you and what you deserve. If you take responsibility for your happiness and let go of the negativity in your life at the moment, things will become clearer and start to become more manageable.

Pray and Let Go!

We must not dwell..for it detriments our faith if we allow our hope to be diminished...#randomthought

Prayer is the best thing you can do. Build yourself to the point where you find yourself praying only once. Do not dwell. Pray and watch the Lord All Mighty work!! #PrayerChangesThings

Ambition · Faith · PIINK

Thoughts by Adori

When people try to bring you down, they are already below you.

Do not allow them to enter your cranium and control your emotions: do not start doubting yourself. Stay focused on your priorities.

The people that don’t support you are the main ones talking. Overlook them.


As For My House…

From The Bible App (iOS)

My household will serve the Lord, once they leave my nest & gain their own understanding—& convert—that is up to them. My love will never alter in size nor expire. As long as they live with me, there will be my rules.

Consistency is key. Once I learned this by reading scriptures my lifestyle improved. I enjoyed better days at work, home with and without family. It has truly saved my life as well as others.

Stand firm in what you believe in. There is no shame in blessings given to us. I suggest reading at least 1 daily or whenever you have time. Make time to set a schedule. I enjoy daily after work sitting in my bathroom reading the Bible. I have candles set up along with incense sticks, also. Do what you have to do in order to meditate on His word.

Until next time, Adori.


Aspirations of Queens

I am a Queen, whether you believe it or not. Just like my brother is a King. We are people who have total control over emotionally, physically, and mentally interactions in society (for the most part). Who we date, befriend, marry, fight, steal from, betray, overly trust, disrespect, overcrowd, miss, lose, gain, destress, stress, anxiety— I could go on.


This is all happening internally; but we still have to control what we expose externally. As Queens, we cannot be victims: were not allowed to in society. Below is a list of things I’ve thought of as well as seen on Pinterest many times before. Now I want to jot them down as they develop in my train of 💭 thoughts . Bare with me please.

I love myself. I have everything I need, in God I trust to succeed. I must stay focused. It’s ok to be a powerful, strong woman. I am beautiful as I am. I accept who I am today. I am confident. I deserve the absolute best. I better myself everyday. I feel unstoppable. I am unstoppable! I am valuable. I feel valued in the work place and family life. No one is like me. -Queen

I hope you all enjoyed this read. Please like comment and share! -PIINK


Where Do U Write?

When I’m in a writing mood, I have to have all of my supplies. I can’t just cross my leg and scribble with my head down, posing like an ostrich. In order to concentrate, I have to be comfortable. I’ve drawn from my purple pen and journal. I’ve typed a million notes in my iPhone and now that I’m blogging, I can really have some fun! These are ,y essentials to function as a writer:

  • At least five, 16 oz. bottled spring water/alkaline water
  • Fruit/healthy/favorite snack
  • Decide on indulging or not then decide on what bad foodie like ice cream or a milkshake. Preferably butter pecan, banana pudding, peach cobbler and strawberry/blueberry cheesecake
  • Maybe fruit juice
  • 3 different forms of electronic devices: tablet, iPhone and laptop
  • Music, preferably on a speaker
  • Candles
  • LED Light lamps
  • Christmas lights are optional
  • Blankets/throws/electric is my favorite
  • Back & buttocks pillows
  • Comfy attire-oversized shirts and pj’s/leggings especially the plush!
  • A sitting area that fits my mood. If I’m cold, warm, energetic or “chill”

The sitting area must have:

  • a form or a desk or table (I’ve used my counter top before)
    A chair
    Chargers for all devices
    Room for my food and drinks
    Everything is within arm reach without having to overreach

Commercial breaks matter

Every now and then I have to rest my eyes, reading glasses or not. I may have some yarn nearby so I can work on my scarves. Crochet allows me to pass the time when I’m in deep thoughtful, or have grown frustrated with a piece.

Where do you write?

Comment your demands on how you like to write. How do you like your space? Do you like clutter, noise, and/or people around? Let me know! -Adori